A wealth of opportunity

The time has come to create a South Africa where fast, reliable and affordable Internet is readily available in every town, school, clinic, hospital and government organisation.

In alignment with Government’s Service Delivery imperatives FibreCo’s strategy addresses socio economic developmental areas such as e-education, e-health and other economic development programs. Through its Open Access model FibreCo offers various operating models that provide opportunities for the competitive growth of broadband enabled initiatives across South Africa’s provinces

Enhanced access to broadband to enable enterprise development

Broadband and electronic accessibility is viewed as essential infrastructure for participating in today’s economy, as it enables citizens, businesses and institutions to access information, services and opportunities that could otherwise be out of reach. FibreCo’s open access network provides a backbone that enables multiple operators to acquire their own fibre or capacity on a shared network allowing them to offer a wider choice of products and faster broadband speeds. This in turn opens a wealth of opportunities to springboard young entrepreneurs to develop their own network and offer service within their local communities along the FibreCo route.