FibreCo meal beneficiary reveals major improvements

FibreCo’s ongoing engagement with Stop Hunger NOW SA’s Results Oriented Nutrition Programme (RONP) agreement sees the beneficiary reaping the benefits.

The programme, a relationship that FibreCo started back in 2014 brought the FibreCo team together to pack and later deliver, on a monthly basis, nutritious meals to 5 ECDS (Early Childhood Development) centres in Orange Farm.

Providing meals for the children allows each ECD to make a saving on their food bill, savings which are allocated to the development and improvement of the individual centres.

To this end, we are proud to inform you all of the improvements that one of our beneficiaries, Lusemanzi ECD, has made since the year began:

  • Plans to improve the structure of the ECDs are well underway because a site plan has been created.
  • Two big containers have been purchased where non-perishable food can be stored.
  • To keep their paperwork organised, registers, school-fees book and files have been bought and the school policies have been printed.
  • Visual improvements have also been made as the school has bought a carpet for the floor and a play set.

The total amount of the above-mentioned improvements is R 11 646.00! A portion of this amount was due to the savings from the RONP agreement.

Other great plans to improve the school have already come to fruition. Lusemanzi has increased the number of children enrolled at the school from under 25 to 33 children. The staff now consists of 4 teachers, 3 volunteers and a gardener. Lusemanzi ECD principal and founder, Lorato Duma has expressed her gratitude by saying “We know that our centre still needs a lot but if we did not have Stop Hunger and FIbreCo we wouldn’t have saved money to buy all this. Thank you and God bless the labour of your hands.”

Although they recognise that they still have a long way to go, it certainly has to be noted that they have come very far and have improved immensely. We are honoured by their gratitude and wish them more success!