e-Education and e-Health in the
Free State

In alignment with Government’s service delivery imperatives, FibreCo has aligned its CSI strategy to address socio economic developmental areas, in particular e-Education and e-Health. An initiative of the Free State Department of Education – IT Division, to provide fast internet to under-served schools, typically, Farm schools, township schools and other rural schools has driven FibreCo commitment in this area.

In 2016, a POC was launched, hosted by FibreCo and other partners in a consortium to enable a Pearson Educations systems based Learner management system (LMS).

High Speed Broadband Connectivity

FibreCo provides schools with high speed broadband connectivity in line with Government’s SA Connect Broadband policy, 10Mbps with the ability upgrade to 100Mbps in the future. This has been achieved using a hybrid of fibre and wireless connectivity. The longer term view is to of convert all schools to 1Gbps fibre access.

As a socio economic developmental imperative, FibreCo believes this to be a sustainable initiative and is committed to rolling out similar schools connectivity plans within other Provinces.