High-speed, high capacity networks are critical to the future of the world’s internet and digital economy. FibreCo’s network is designed for emerging technologies and is completely future proofed for gigabit and terabit broadband needs.

True Open Access

In partnership with its clients, FibreCo provides bespoke connectivity solutions across South Africa and metro areas ranging from fibre ownership to high capacity and complex managed networking solutions in support of wholesale and enterprise clients.

This allows clients to realise the benefits of the massive scalability inherent in high-quality, ultra-fast fibre-optic networks at a small fraction of the cost of deploying such infrastructure nationally.

FibreCo’s open-access network means that our infrastructure is made available on an equal basis enabling clients to deliver a wider choice of high speed products to their customers – on one network.

Unleashing Connectivity

Since inception in 2009, FibreCo’s mission has been to provide direct access to infrastructure in order to lower the cost of connectivity for its clients. FibreCo has stayed true to this mission and remains a national truly open access infrastructure and connectivity provider to enterprise, government and carrier clients.

Through its open-access pricing model, FibreCo effectively transfers the significant economies of scale inherent in fibre-optic networking technologies to its customers, paving the way for lower broadband access costs for end users, improved communications service quality, enhanced regional connectivity, innovation and enabling customers their desired speed of market deployment.

Improving connectivity for both the public and private sectors has a positive socio-economic impact for the country and helps to meet the nation’s aspirations for world-class broadband connectivity.

FibreCo builds its own infrastructure and leverages already available fibre networks and other relationships to provide the most efficient connectivity solution, whilst offering end-to-end SLAs, monitoring and maintenance services throughout the network on a 24/7 basis.

FibreCo strengthens the existing telecommunications networks in the country, offering diverse routes, which in turn enhances the Country’s ability to leverage advances in information and communications technologies.  Affordable broadband networks contribute towards projects of national importance such as the Square Kilometer Array (SKA) and other key growth projects including SA Connect which aim to connect education and health facilities.

FibreCo intends to replicate its flagship high-speed, affordable schools E-learning (and other) connectivity programme across all provinces and municipalities through which its backbone traverses.

FibreCo Network Route Map

FibreCo Network Map

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