Developing Tomorrow’s Fibre Technicians

FibreCo Fibre Technician Training Programme

TechTrain, FibreCo’s fibre technician training programme, is now fully sustainable, nationally recognised and has achieved partnership endorsement from other fibre optic players across the country to further strengthen successful candidates’ ability to gain meaningful employment after graduating.

TechTrain, accredited in South Africa by MICTSeta and internationally by the Fibre Optic Association (FOA) has made a significant contribution to skills across the Free State, Eastern Cape and Gauteng, within the fibre-optic domain. To date, 300 technicians have qualified resulting in 82 internships, 20 contract employment and 102 graduates appointed on a permanent basis.

About the Programme

TechTrain creates an environment for young unemployed graduates to strive for excellence and enter the job market with the skills to help the fibre industry become more competitive and provide access to high-speed broadband throughout the country.

The programme focuses on driving innovation and entrepreneurship through critical thinking, preparing students for employment as well as empowering them to significantly participate in the mainstream of the ICT sector.

The four months programme includes:

  • Certified Fibre Optic Technical Solutions (CFO, OSP, CFOSDH)
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Wi-Fi Wireless
  • Business Management
  • IT Essentials

The training equips candidates with the ability to maintain and repair fibre optic networks, optical fibre installation, fusion and mechanical splicing, connectorisation, acceptance testing, troubleshooting and much more is taught with lots of hands-on practice.

The programme also provides grounding in related safety and environmental procedures, as well as financial and business skills to enhance their ability to secure employment or pursue an entrepreneurial path that will best meet the South African economy.


As TechTrain continues to grow through partnerships with like-minded organisations such as Plessey and SAAB Grintek, FibreCo’s commitment to skills development to bring value to the industry is reaffirmed. FibreCo has previously partnered with Technology Innovation Agency (TIA), Free State Department of Economic Development Tourism and Environmental Affairs (DETEA), Eastern Cape Information Technology Initiative (ECITI), Seda Nelson Mandela Bay ICT Incubator (SNII) and most recently the City of Johannesburg as part of their highly successful COJEDI Programme.

FibreCo works closely with industry players as well as investigating opportunities within its own network…

Integration of top students

FibreCo’s integration plan is designed to assists the best performing students to source employment or internships where students are mentored, exposed to new skills and gain hands on experience, all providing them with a sound foundation to develop their skill-set and experience for future career development.

In order to achieve this, FibreCo works closely with industry players as well as investigating opportunities within its own network operations and maintenance across its network.

As broadband connectivity develops around local communities, the only challenge faced is the lack of skilled human resources to maintain the fibre optic infrastructure. Techtrain is bridging this gap in across the country.