Client Specific Solutions

FibreCo’s approachable attitude, network capability, technical leadership and carrier grade service levels provides a solid foundation for rapidly evolving businesses across South Africa.

Responsive & Flexible

FibreCo’s unique responsive and flexible attitude in developing and tailoring specific solutions, ensures clients get what they need, when they need it. Our approach allows clients to quickly and effortlessly scale up their network as their business grows while guaranteeing competitive economics and technological leadership.

FibreCo offers technical assistance with optical and network design and provides detailed transparent design information based on client requirements, including fibre maps and network system information.

Submarine Cable Connectivity

FibreCo is in a unique position to provide capacity across its national terrestrial fibre-optic network using bespoke optical transmission system configured optimally for the purpose of interconnecting the submarine cable-landing stations on the East and West coast of South Africa.

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This product will provide owners of submarine cable capacity on the WACS, Seacom, EaSSY, SAT3 and SAFE systems with a faster, low-latency and more economical route around the southern tip of Africa to create:

  • A much shorter route between East and West Africa than is currently available through Europe

  • An alternative intercontinental route between Asia and Europe/the Americas to the existing route through Egypt and Eastern Europe.

Given FibreCo’s carrier-neutral, open-access model, it can offer access to this bespoke system on the basis of true-ownership economics with associated infrastructure-ownership benefits.   

FibreCo’s pricing and product configuration are specifically tailored to suit international carriers wanting to bypass the South African market, although drop-off options into Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and other cities can be catered for on the core DWDM FibreCo Network.

The ring architecture is a highly resilient system which mitigates any risk of downtime on the terrestrial system.

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High-speed, high capacity networks are critical to the future of the world’s internet and digital economy. FibreCo’s network is designed for emerging technologies and is completely future proofed for gigabit and terabit broadband needs.

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In partnership with its clients, FibreCo provides bespoke end to end layer 1 and layer 2 connectivity solutions across South Africa ranging from fibre ownership to high capacity and complex managed networking solutions in support of our clients connecting, ISPs, government and enterprise.

FibreCo’s unique responsive and flexible attitude in developing and tailoring specific solutions, ensures our clients get exactly what they need.


In today’s broadband market of exploding traffic volumes, networks, ISPs and content providers peer to exchange their traffic in order to achieve cost and latency efficiencies. NAPAfrica is a neutral, layer 2 Internet eXchange (IX) point, located within each Teraco data centre facility in South Africa.

Instead of costly multiple direct links to different providers, a single peering point allows multiple networks and ISPs to interconnect using an exchange environment.


FibreCo’s state-of-the-art network is capable of transmitting ultra-fast broadband capacity from any of its 52 county wide points of presence to any of the NAPAfrica Internet exchanges (IXs) across the country, allowing peers to exchange their traffic and achieve:

  • Reduced costs in local bandwidth;
  • Reduced latency with simplified routing and direct interconnects;
  • Improved performance by bypassing potential traffic bottlenecks;
  • Increased resilience by offering convenient multiple network connection options;
  • Access to global content from Akamai, Cloudflare, Google, Microsoft and Netflix to name just a few
  • Direct access to NAPAfrica as part of the FibreCo solution

These benefits are realised without additional capital outlay at the Internet exchange. Connectivity options and content demands within South Africa, Africa and the rest of the world are growing. Network and Content Providers are reaping the benefits of exchanges where traffic can be exchanged easily.

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Aggregated Capacity

One of FibreCo’s key differentiators is its ability to customise SLAs, reporting and other product features in line with specific client needs, providing clients with a bespoke service even when the solution requires the integration of other operator networks.

Burstable Bandwidth

FibreCo’s clients are able to utilize capacity on the FibreCo network and to burst into higher bandwidth amounts as and when needed which further enables scalability and flexibility in bandwidth for rapidly evolving requirements.

Dynamic Bandwidth

Clients on the FibreCo network will be able to dynamically move capacity from anywhere to anywhere on the FibreCo network.

Open Access National Transport Network (NTN)

FibreCo’s NTN will allow a client to have a rapid national network deployment at the low cost including an operational framework.


A partnership with Pearson Educations and other systems based Learner management system (LMS) to provide technology enhanced teaching assistance.

Multi-Tenant/Mall Connectivity

FibreCo provides management and implementation of fibre infrastructure to (and within) Malls and multi-tenanted properties and forms a strategic partnership with property owners.

Encrypted Connectivity

FibreCo secures clients data at the Physical Layer when it leaves the premises. By taking encryption to the physical network level, information can be safeguarded as it moves outside the walls of the business with no loss of capacity or performance.

IX Connect

With FibreCo’s network strategically designed to connect the IP Transit community at Cable Landing Stations and Internet Exchanges (IXs) across the country, operators have the ability to deliver IP Transit and other services on remote ports at any of FibreCo’s 52 country wide points of presence.


FibreCo takes its funding and management success one step further and provides infrastructure investors the ability to deploy networks efficiently and effectively.