Service Levels and Reliability

FibreCo provides optimal network Operations and Maintenance functionality underpinned by a carrier grade functional framework. Proactive surveillance of optical fibre, hosting facilities and transmission equipment ensures effective management of preventative maintenance and corrective fault management.

State‑of‑the‑art technology

FibreCo provides customised response and repair SLAs with network operations management provided by the FibreCo Network Operations Centre (NOC).

FibreCo Network Operations Centre (NOC)

The 24x7x365 NOC has full disaster-recovery capability with the following services:

  • Service desk with web portal to ensure optimal trouble ticket, dispatch and fault management processes;
  • Structured SLA management inclusive of customised reporting and customer interface management;
  • Real time monitoring and surveillance of all network elements as well as environmental management (alarm monitoring and control) of facilities;
  • Network inventory management.

All services rendered are modelled according to industry best practices as described by the eTOM and ITIL frameworks

Carrier-grade Service Levels

FibreCo’s network provides clients with carrier-grade service levels for them to realise the benefits of the massive scalability inherent in high-quality, fibre-optic networks, whilst simultaneously ensuring efficiency of deployment to lower the cost of bandwidth to end users.

This has been achieved through a combination of:

  1. an uncompromising focus on effective project management over infrastructure we deploy, coupled with
  2. strategic partnerships with other fibre network owners to minimise network duplication.

FibreCo’s open access vendor neutral repeater sites are designed to give clients a flexible and secure hosting facility along the FibreCo fibre network. The repeater sites are strategically located 80 km – 100 km apart, ideally located to optimise DWDM optical equipment.