FibreCo Products

FibreCo’s approachable attitude, network capability, technical leadership and carrier grade service levels provides a solid foundation for rapidly evolving businesses across South Africa.

Responsive & Flexible

FibreCo’s unique responsive and flexible attitude in developing and tailoring specific solutions, ensures clients get what they need, when they need it. Our approach allows clients to quickly and effortlessly scale up their network as their business grows while guaranteeing competitive economics and technological leadership.

FibreCo offers technical assistance with optical and network design and provides detailed transparent design information based on client requirements, including fibre maps and network system information.

Dark Fibre

FibreCo offers dark fibre pairs across its entire network for clients to light up their own equipment. FibreCo’s dark fibre offering allows clients complete flexibility of managing their own network, enabling the creation of innovative product offerings to their customers.

Wi-Fi Infrastructure

FibreCo’s Wi-Fi infrastructure is installed and configured to provide optimum coverage and performance to clients looking for a solution efficiently connecting all users including guests at a specific site.


FibreCo offers country wide hosting facilities for client’s equipment at open-access data centres in metropolitan areas, undersea landing stations on the East and West coast as well as at its secure repeater facilities. The repeater facilities are in essence, mini data centres and are strategically located along the entire national network. Facilities are purpose built to supply high availability ICT energy (power and cooling) and associated ancillary services. The resilient architecture is designed for an availability of 99.95% and offers:

Fibre & Transmission Equipment Maintenance

FibreCo provides optimal network Operations and Maintenance functionality underpinned by a carrier grade functional framework. Proactive surveillance of optical fibre, hosting facilities and transmission equipment ensures effective management of preventative maintenance and corrective fault management.

NOC as a Service (NOCaaS)

FibreCo’s Network Operations Centre “as a service” is a standalone client focused offering to the telecommunications industry irrespective of being on the FibreCo network. FibreCo’s NOCaaS provides clients with a unique service, developed to meet specific requirement of the client. This service is developed based on the resources required and use, not solely on a fixed cost.

Professional Services

FibreCo’s professional services are used to deliver end-to-end business-critical IT solutions to our valued clients. Our broad capability is backed by deep expertise and strong industry partnerships. Professional Services encompass; consulting, design and deployment of infrastructure.

Managed Ethernet

Managed Ethernet is FibreCo’s next-generation Ethernet service at its best. This lit service connects sites simply and efficiently with low-latency high speed point to point bandwidth through fibre based networks. Designed to give clients an end-to-end service while providing scalable and flexible connectivity for their rapidly evolving business.

Burstable bandwidth: FibreCo’s clients can utilise capacity on the FibreCo network and to burst into higher bandwidth amounts as required.

Dynamic bandwidth: Clients are able to dynamically move capacity from anywhere to anywhere on the FibreCo network.


FTTB is a high-speed broadband connectivity to businesses. Clients benefit from fast, uninterrupted connectivity with low latencies over a separate, uncontended network. The FibreCo FTTB product is symmetrical, which means that upload and download speeds are equally fast. Faster bandwidth means uninterrupted access to critical applications such as enterprise resource planning, centralised databases, email, and Internet and intranet access. Your business can continue to run at a fast pace without the threat of connection interruptions or loss of data. FibreCo provides management and implementation of fibre infrastructure to (and within) Malls and multi-tenanted properties and forms a strategic partnership with property owners.

Access Connectivity Solutions

Access connectivity allows clients to connect houses, buildings, malls or office complexes using a combination of multi-medium access including fibre and wireless access solutions. While fibre is our core business, FibreCo is technology-agnostic when it comes to access connectivity and can deploy satellite, radio, wireless and fibre solutions for access connectivity depending on the terrain and customer requirements.

Managed Light

Managed Light is a lit fibre service allowing clients to connect directly to a wavelength on the FibreCo network. With 10Gbps and 100Gbps options available, clients can connect their own Layer2 or Layer3 devices hosted in the FibreCo Open Access facilities.

Network Function Virtualisation

– School in a Box
– ISP in a Box