Fibreco’s Versatile Product & Services Offering

FibreCo is a carrier services provider, offers clients an end-to-end solution, all of which is managed seamlessly under best-in-class Service Level Agreement (SLA). FibreCo is continually evolving and innovating to offer a unique combination of products and services to its clients.


Having the largest true open-access long distance fibre network in South Africa, FibreCo is uniquely positioned to offer national fibre, connectivity, hosting and management products and services, combining all the key benefits of infrastructure ownership with the convenience of managed services.

FibreCo Product & Service Summary

Infrastructure Services

FibreCo are experts in developing and tailoring specific solutions to fit with client requirements. FibreCo is technology-agnostic when it comes to connectivity and can deploy end to end fibre and licensed wireless connectivity solutions depending on the terrain and customer requirement.

Dark Fibre

  • BTS
  • Metro
  • Intercity/NLD


  • Facilities
  • Masts


  • Wi-Fi Infrastructure

Enni & Cross Connect

Management Services

FibreCo provides optimal network operations and maintenance functionality as well as professional services underpinned by a carrier grade functional framework. FibreCo’s solutions for network and infrastructure management is based on in depth knowledge of industry and business and is built up on strong alliances with partners and clients.

NOC as a Service (NOCaaS)


  • Fibre
  • Equipment
  • Facilities

Professional Services

Connectivity Services

FibreCo provides bespoke connectivity solutions across South Africa and metro areas ranging from fibre ownership to high capacity and complex managed solutions in support of operators, service providers and government, combining all the key benefits of infrastructure ownership with the convenience of managed services.

Managed Light/Wavelengths

Managed Ethernet

  • Metro
  • Intercity/NLD


  • Wi-Fi (eduroam)


Cloud Services

FibreCo, through strategic partnerships can offer value added solutions that can seamlessly integrate the full continuum of infrastructure, connectivity and managed services solutions.  These include Internet and IP Transit, Voice and Network Function Virtualisation.  FibreCo’s Managed Ethernet solutions and Dark Fibre products offer a solid foundation for clients, allowing them to focus on driving business growth, whilst FibreCo manages and maintains their network infrastructure.

Internet (IP Transit)


  • VOIP
  • PABX

Network Function Virtualisation

  • School in a Box
  • ISP in a Box