FibreCo's Versatile Product Offering

FibreCo is a connectivity partner, who offers clients an end-to-end service, all of which is managed seamlessly under best-in-class Service Level Agreement (SLA)

FibreCo Products & Services

Managed Fibre™

FibreCo offers dark fibre pairs across its entire network for clients to light routes using their own equipment. This allows complete flexibility of managing your own network.

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Dark fibre provides:

  • Dedicated dark fibre pairs;
  • G652 and G655 fibre types;
  • PMD, CD and attenuation limits based on ITU-T recommendations.

Optical Equipment

To light up the fibre, clients have the freedom of procuring optical transmission equipment of their own choice. There are no restrictions in the amount of capacity required and no restrictions of the type of equipment installed at any of our national hosting sites.

FibreCo also provides optical equipment maintenance services.

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Managed Ethernet

Managed Ethernet is FibreCo’s next-generation capacity service at its best. FibreCo’s Managed Ethernet connects sites simply and efficiently with high speed bandwidth principally through fibre based networks. Designed to give clients an end-to-end service, Managed Ethernet provides scalable and flexible connectivity for our client’s rapidly evolving business.

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Managed Capacity provides:

  • High-speed capacity using FibreCo’s carrier grade metro and long distance fibre network;
  • MEF-compliant layer 2 Ethernet services;
  • Protected and unprotected service level agreements (SLA);
  • Any capacity, any time from 100Mbps- 1Gbps-10Gbps-100Gbps;
  • Tailored high availability offerings through protection or multiple ring architectures;
  • Committed and dedicated bandwidth options;
  • QoS levels are available to prioritise traffic;
  • Supports Q-in-Q (C-Tag);
  • Transparent transport network;
  • Jumbo frames up to 9000 bytes are supported on the service;
  • Link-loss forwarding to support local link and network path failures are supported;
  • Fibre or copper handover;
  • Supports the latest OAM standards, most notably ITU-T Y1731;
  • Easily upgradable as requirements grow through dedicated 1Gbps or 10Gbps interfaces; and
  • 95th percentile billing available.

With FibreCo’s Managed Ethernet service there is no need to build or manage sophisticated optical infrastructure to realise the scalable benefits of fibre.

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Managed Light

Managed Light is a lit fibre service allowing clients to connect directly to a wavelength on the FibreCo network. With 10Gbps and 100Gbps options available, clients can connect their own Layer2 or Layer3 devices hosted in the FibreCo Open Access facilities.

Access Connectivity

Access connectivity allows clients to connect houses, buildings, malls or office complexes using a combination of multi-medium access including fibre and wireless access solutions. While fibre is our core business, FibreCo is technology-agnostic when it comes to access connectivity and can deploy satellite, radio, wireless and fibre solutions for access connectivity depending on the terrain and customer requirements.

Hosting Facilities

FibreCo offers country wide hosting facilities for client’s equipment at open-access data centres in metropolitan areas, undersea landing stations on the East and West coast, wireless equipment on masks as well at its secure repeater facilities. The repeater facilities are in essence mini data centres and are strategically located along the entire national network.

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Facilities are purpose built to supply high availability ICT energy (power and cooling) and associated ancillary services. The resilient architecture is designed for an availability of 99.95% and offers:

  • Fully secured facilities;
  • 24/7 monitoring of environmental activity and through CCTV;
  • Remote access control to doors, perimeter gates and manholes;
  • Optical Distribution Frames capacity for termination of core and access fibre optic cables;
  • 55kVA Municipal supply including AC UPS;
  • 2 x 55kVA generator units each providing 8-hour runtime;
  • DC rectifier system providing dual 48VDC feeds;
  • FM2000 fire suppression equipment;
  • Redundant cooling.

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Fibre & Equipment Maintenance

FibreCo provides optimal network Operations and Maintenance functionality underpinned by a carrier grade functional framework. Proactive surveillance of optical fibre, hosting facilities and transmission equipment ensures effective management of preventative maintenance and corrective fault management.

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FibreCo offers maintenance services on a national level. These services include:

  • Fibre maintenance services;
  • Equipment maintenance services;
  • Facilities maintenance services; and
  • Remote hands services.

FibreCo provides customised response and repair SLAs with network operations management provided by the FibreCo Network Operations Centre (NOC). The 24x7x365 NOC has full disaster-recovery capability with the following services:

  • Service desk with web portal to ensure optimal trouble ticket, dispatch and fault management processes;
  • Structured SLA management inclusive of customised reporting and customer interface management;
  • Real time monitoring and surveillance of all network elements as well as environmental management (alarm monitoring and control) of facilities;
  • Network inventory management.

All services rendered are modelled according to industry best practices as described by the eTOM and ITIL frameworks.

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